Saturday, October 24, 2015

Star Wars Party (and anti-gravity cake)

A few months ago, my eldest wanted his birthday celebration at the local iceskating rink. "Perfect" I thought.  With just a small gathering of his closest friends, this party was intimate, relaxed and most of all... EASY!!

I took along some supplies to "theme" up the eating area, but really this was probably one of the most hassle free and easy-going parties I have ever organised!

The highlight and centre-piece of the party was the anti-gravity cake that my husband and I made together.  We'd seen the pictures on the Internet and we were a bit worried about how it would look, but when it was finished, we were SO excited! Check it out.
The Anti-Gravity Cake

I created the invite using the Star Wars Crawl Creator.  It's super cool! The link for the masks is here.

Face masks

Star Wars Character Puppets

Even adults can have fun wearing masks!

Take-home Party Bags

If you want to go "all out" with a Star Wars theme, there's are lots of available free resources online! Have fun!

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