Sunday, October 25, 2015

Spiderman Party

My son wanted an "at home" party with his friends this year. Afterwards with aching feet and a big clean-up ahead of me, I was reminded of just how much more work they are.

Thankfully it was worth it!

Worth it for the memories we made, the enjoyment shared and the expressions of fun on all the children's faces.

So here's the low down on planning a Spiderman theme, enjoy!

My first recommendation would be to check what you can find online. This is an example of free downloadable printable Spiderman themed party kit found at Oh My Fiesta.  There's also a lot of Spiderman images to use for decorating or invitations etc.  They're found here.

Spiderman colouring in

Shoot the spider game.
Pin the spider on the web

The kids all made a "Spider Sucker"

I hope you have just as much fun at your Spiderman party as my son did!!

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benilhalk said...

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