Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dinosaur Party

Okay, here they are... the highlights of the "Dinosaur Party".
This was for my son's 4th birthday.  
He's LOVED dinosaurs every since he learnt about them at preschool.
If you're a first-time visitor to this site, you may not know that we  are an Australian family living in Thailand (you can read more about that here).  
Parties aren't quite as easy to plan here (there's no 'party' shops or pre-made themed party packs), the heat makes icing cakes pretty tricky and most Thai people don't even celebrate birthdays! Gasp!
But these challenges have not stopped me from having themed parties for my kids- it's just meant I've had to be a little bit more creative.
This photo was taken a couple of nights before the party and shows the bunting, drink labels, party bag toppers and party hats that I made all using free printable templates made by Lovely Living.  So cool!
Some of the party activities included:

  • Dinosaur coloring pages and dinosaur book reading. (Surprisingly, this area was where all the kids headed to first). 
  • Dinosaur water play.
  • Sand tray (with hidden dinosaur skeletons).
  • Sand pit (with hidden dinosaurs and strainers, shovels etc for finding dinosaur figurines).
  • Treasure hunt with clues to find a bucket full of dinosaurs and the book, Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs with surprise dinosaur eggs (with a dinosaur candy inside) to find along the way.

Story Time
Sand pit- hidden dinosaurs!

Here's the birthday boy (below) with his dinosaur tail that I made for him (does that fabric look familiar?).  I am so glad that he loved it.  He reluctantly took it off after the party finished to have it washed and hung out to dry (ready to wear again tomorrow...?)   
I used a pattern and instructions found on Pinterest. You can find it by searching 'dinosaur tails' or go directly to the Running with Scissors website.
 The food table included volcanic rocks (m&m's), chocolate stones,  dinosaur toe nails, dino-jello, dino trail mix, dinosaur-shaped candy, fresh fruit as well as bread, dips, dipping vegetables and some other Thai snacks (but I'm not sure what they were called).

The Party Table
To make the cake pictured below, check out this Betty Crocker video, instructions and templates.  
This made making this cake so much easier than I'd anticipated. 

To check out more party themes, checkout the KID'S PARTY IDEAS section.
Until next time.... x

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