Friday, March 9, 2012

Fish Party

You may or may not know this about me but I was a huge fan of the 'picnik' photo editing site.  
I say "was" because the last few times I have tried to use it, I haven't even got past uploading a photo let alone editing it and so the closure of the site in April might as well be now for all I am concerned grrrr and grrrr.  I'm still trying to find ANYTHING that compares!  Suggestions welcome!!

Anyhoo onto a more positive note.
My husband's birthday was this week.  He wanted a fighter fish!  
Since my son's fish died after it jumped out of the tank one night, we've all been talking about a replacement pet, but it was all a bit painful since our three turtles died in the same week too.  

And so, the kids and I finally went out and bought not one, but two fighter fish and we all feel excited and happy about having some pets in the house once again.

What better way to celebrate his birthday than to tie the "fish" theme together with this fishy-dinner set up?
It all came together in about two hours and was super easy to do.
The kids even made up their own party games, which were creative and impressive.  

Check out my collage- I tried a new collage making site called Photovisi:

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Anonymous said... is the 'new' picnik, best wishes

Cross Family said...

THANKS! I have discovered that now! So relieved!!

~ Kim ~ said...

I also like to use

Cross Family said...

Thanks Kim!

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