Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Amazing Race

Once a month the families that work at ZOE get together for some "family" time.  
Named 'Ohana' (which means family) we each take it in turns to organize the morning's activities.
It can consist of anything that (a) involves everyone and (b) helps us to spend valuable time getting to know each other and strengthening our bond as a community of people who all live and work alongside one another in a foreign country away from our original 'homes'.
Well, this month it was our turn to organize the event, so what better way to avoid being outside in the pollution, keep the little ones amused and involve a range of age groups from 1 to 50+ than... an Amazing Race.
I chose a local shopping centre/ mall for the event and spent a couple of hours a few days before scouting it out and writing up the clues.
The rest was fun, making the clue box and all the clues in preparation for the big race!
Well I have some photos of the preparation but not from the actual day, sorry.  Part of me wanted to take my camera and part of me wanted to spend time just being in and enjoying the moment.

When out of balance, my life starts to feel like a potential-blog-post waiting to happen... so I try hard to keep some parts totally photograph-free, with just the sweet memories to dwell on in my mind (sometimes these are better than the photos anyway LOL).

And by the way, it turned out great and was a lot of fun!

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