Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yogi Bear Picnic Party

We celebrated two-weeks early for our son's 6th birthday with a Yogi Bear themed picnic in the park.  It was so much fun and the kids really enjoyed playing on the playground, participating in the pass-the-parcel as well as feeding the birds and fish.  
We came to the park prepared with picnic mats and balloons to stake out our spot as well as garbage bags to collect all the rubbish- this made the party clean-up so quick and easy.
To top off a wonderful day, when then went back home and watched the Yogi Bear movie munching on party food left-overs and popcorn.  Yay!  Happy Birthday Mr. T!  

The "picnic basket" cake was a real challenge for me but I am so glad I listened to my son's advice "You can do it Mum" and attempted it anyway.  His face as he opened the refrigerator and exclaimed, "I knew you could it Mum" made the effort all worth it! 

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