Monday, May 16, 2011

Remember When...

A poem for my daughter when she's older 
(currently four going on fourteen!)

Remember when... 

Remember when...
Your best friends were Giraffe and Teddy? 
It seemed so hard to color in the lines? 
The sound of a car in the driveway was met with shrieks of excitement?
Your Barbie dolls sat and listened as you taught them new things?
And choosing a movie involved deciding between Barney and The Wiggles?

Remember when...
Heavy rain meant puddles to jump in? 
Getting a bonus would mean receiving an extra sticker?

And fast cars were the ones being raced along the kitchen floor? 

Remember when...
Pedicures were a chance to choose the most sparkly nail polish?
The garlic press made great hair for play-dough creations?
And your biggest worry was what would be for dinner that night?
Forget not these precious moments, little one. 

Love Mum x

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