Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Come again another day!  

We've had a very short 'hot season' here in Chiangmai and it's already well in to the wet season which is quite early for the year.

I'm not complaining, we have lovely days, mostly blue skies and in the 30 degree region followed by a huge storm and downpour at about 4pm each day- seriously, you could almost set your clock by it!

On Saturday afternoon, we had one such downpour that really bucketed down so we jumped in the car to go exploring and see what was going on in our street and neighborhood....

Here's what we saw:

Incredible... Our kids toy area got a bit flooded again but besides that, there was no water damage thankfully.

I think the houses around here are designed to cope in the wet weather pretty well.

And, of course, all our children wanted to do was to....

...go out and play in it!

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