Sunday, May 1, 2011

Let me reintroduce myself...

Well, that’s kind-of what I feel like I need to do since I have been mainly absent from this site for so long.
Okay, it’s taken over a year but I wanna come back. 
I really want to be around these “mum” parts a bit more and share with you what’s happening in our family.
I guess since moving to Thailand, in January 2010, I felt like my life went from being semi-in-control and predictable to somewhat like I was driving a car with a flat tire.
I feel like I have been clenching my hands tightly on the wheel just managing to keep it straight. 
But thankfully, after a somewhat shaky first year, I have now grasped a very small understanding of some basic conversation and a routine that’s slightly more predictable and …
I have realized how much I have missed this “community” of mums online- blogging their feelings, their words of advice and their tips on how to keep kids entertained during the school holidays!
So I am going to do my very best (after being wife, and mum and the ‘official’ fundraiser for our family) to make an effort to get on over here and “chat” about the highs and lows of raising kids a bit more often. 
I think there’s a lot I still need to learn (so I will continue to visit my favourite mums blogs too) and I am also hoping that I will also be able to offer some encouragement to you!
So from my home in Northern Thailand, where we eat pork skewers and sticky rice for breakfast as much as possible to the smells of Vegemite toast in Australian suburbia-
Thanks for stopping by. 

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