Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Soccer Party!

What better way to celebrate a 5th birthday than a SOCCER party!

Themed in black, white and green every last detail was carefully considered to make this party a real 'ball'!

The birthday boy and his proud parents (in costume of course!)

Chocolate, vanilla and lime ice-cream with chocolate soccer ball wedges!

Craft- design your own soccer player/ paper person.


With a few simple ideas and HEAPS of plastic blow up soccer balls to play with, this party theme was simple but so much fun! 

Happy Birthday Mr. T.


Giggleberry (Amy) said...

Looks like LOTS of fun! I'm planning a soccer party for my boy and was wondering how you made the soccer chocolate wedges??

Cross Family said...

Hi Amy,
I live in Thailand and I bought the soccer chocolate wedges at a baking shop named 'Yok' over here. Thanks for reading and I hope your party goes well.

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