Friday, April 30, 2010

Book Week

It was Book Week or "I Love to Read" week at my children's kindergarten this week.  They enjoyed many activities like pajama day where they were encouraged to snuggle down and choose a book to read.  Parents were also invited to come and share a favorite book throughout the week.  This was interesting because, being an international school, the children got to hear stories read in many different languages.  My littlest-ball-of-energy and I joined E.J's class one morning to hear 'Little Red Riding Hood' being read in Japanese!  There were also times through the week for 'Stop, Drop and Read' where the children were stopped from what they were doing and got to choose a book to read as well as many other games and arts/crafts associated with books.  To finish off the week, this morning, the parents were invited to stay for a parade and carnival.  The children all dressed up as a book character and then paraded in their outfits.  Following this were activity centers focussed around either reading/ books or the theme of the week 'What a wonderful world'.
Children from nursery through to Grade 1 participated in science related workshops, physical games (I liked the one where 4 children lined up on their bikes and had to ride to the book table and find the book that matched the picture on the front of their bike and then ride to the finish line), horse rides, obstacle courses and lots more.
It was a wonderful morning and both children now have some more lovely memories associated with reading and literature.
Can you guess who they dressed up as?

Introducing Bob the Builder and Sleeping Beauty.
(The little one also dressed up... as a "mini" Bob!!)


SquiggleMum said...

Oh they look adorable! (Love Little-Bob...!)

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Gorgeous pics of the kids - great costumes.

Michelle said...

I went to leave a message before and my computer froze... sorry if you get 2 from me :)
Very cute pics :)

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