Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The new ordinary...

"CULTURE SHOCK is a term used to describe the anxiety that’s experienced by almost everyone who relocates to another culture for an extended period of time. Learning to cope with confusion with the language, frustration with different ways of doing things, isolation from your friends and family, and homesickness are a part of adapting to a new culture".

I'm not sure how long it's meant to take but I'm beginning to have glimpses of the 'new ordinary'. A new routine in the morning to get ready, a supermarket that I know I can drive to at 11 pm and get just what I need, neighbors that wave when you see them and even a small sense of belonging.

It's been almost 2 months now and my emotions swing up and down on a daily basis. The minute I begin to feel that I’ve got my head around our move, I realise that actually I haven’t and there is still so much to organise, get done and learn.

There are certainly days when ‘life’ over here feels extremely overwhelming. The most simple tasks that I’ve performed millions of times back home can be so difficult, confusing and frustrating here but then other things like dropping the kids at kinder and chatting to the other parents and the teachers feels so 'normal', I can almost forget I'm in another country.

Our home is also a place of refuge. It's a safe place to rest and relax... recharge my batteries and get the strength I need to face the day- whatever it brings. Each day brings something different but I think it's the new ordinary things that are becoming the most comforting.

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(PHOTOS: The coffee shop opposite kinder which sells good rice crackers and ice cream, kindergarten, Little-one napping in his car seat after being out and about, Mr. T at the park opposite our house, E.J eating pineapple off a stick)

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