Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gelli Baff

Have you seen this product called Gelli Baff?
I bought a couple of boxes for Kris Kringle presents but one of the boxes got wet one day when my husband was watering the Christmas tree so I ended up using it for our kids and buying something else for the KK.

Gelli Baff is a two pack powder that turns any childrens bath or pool water into jelly like goo and back again.
Sprinkle the first powder over the kids bath water and watch as the water turns to thick, brightly coloured goo. When the fun is done, sprinkle the second powder over the goo, the goo will begin to dissolve and turn back to water.

Gelli Baff gives children a fun bath time whilst cleansing and softening the skin. Gelli Baff does not block the drains, is biodegradable and is kind on the skin.

I wish I'd captured my children's faces when I placed them in the bath, they were priceless and they just sat (not moving) for a good few minutes LOL.
This is the princess pink one... check it out!

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Michelle said...

LOL very funny! We haven't tried it in our house... yet...
Hello - just found your blog - hope to be back soon :)

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