Monday, October 12, 2009

Fit for a PRINCESS!

Today my little girl (better known as E.J. Princess) asked if she would be able to make herself a new crown after her last one, that she made at Mainly Music, fell in the toilet while we were at the shops one day.

It was a devastating experience at the time but one that I had forgotten about (as it occurred earlier on this year) however a visit to the same toilet recently managed to rekindle all those old, sad memories and it has been talked about an awful lot lately!

Well it was a very serious crown-making experience this morning to get it "just right", but in the end my little girl's hard work paid off and she produced a beautiful new crown to wear.

She just needs to remember to remove the crown before going to the bathroom this time!!!

1 comment:

Christie Burnett said...

What a proud princess. Your daughter, and her crown, are beautiful.

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