Sunday, August 9, 2009

Training Chopsticks

Sandra at Mumspace posted this cool little video on kid's chopsticks.

As soon as I saw it I laughed because the previous few days my two eldest children (almost 4 and 2.5) had been arguing over whose turn it was to use our one pair of "training" chopsticks as we'd been eating my husband's wonderful homemade noodle dishes.

When my husband got home from work, I showed him the video and we "googled" to find out where to buy some.

We ended up buying some from Training Chopsticks and they arrived within 2 days in the post.

But the best bit was that they sell both left and right handed chopsticks (my son is a lefty). They have been so fantastic and the kids LOVE using them. As you can see by these pictures, even my two and a half year old daughter can manage them with ease.

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Chopsticks said...

Hi Andrea, Thanks for posting the lovely pics. Your girl's adorable. I'm sure your kids will wow the crowd at their next Chinese restaurant outing :)

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