Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stranger Danger

This is a message to all the young Indian men that keep door knocking my house at around 5:20pm each night, just when it's starting to get dark.

"Please don't bother anymore... I'm REALLY not going to let you in!"

First of all it was someone asking whether they could please see my last gas bill because just by looking at my it, they could make suggestions on how it could be reduced... "Ummmmm, no!". Then the same thing with the electricity bill a few days later.

Then there's this guy that has tried to sell me his "art" a few times and on top of that; three separate Indian men, in the past fortnight, have come asking if they could come in and change all my light bulbs to energy saving ones for free (do I look like the sort of person that would open my security door and let a stranger in just because they have an energy saving lightbulb in their hand? Besides the fact I already have energy saving light bulbs fitted).

So last night when the door bell rang at 5.15, I just knew it was going to be some salesperson lurking in the shadows of my front entrance way. And again, it was an Indian man... surprise surprise... (I should just say, I have nothing against Indian people by the way- it's just all my unwanted door knockers have been this nationality so far) wanting to look at my electricity account because he thought that my meter had been read twice and that I had been charged double on my last bill.

'This is too good to be true' I thought (especially after my post a week or so ago about my high electricity bill) until the reality of 'Hang on a minute... anything too good to be true usually is' set in. After a fair bit of persistence on his part to convince me to show him my account and a fair bit of questioning on my behalf as to why he needed to see my bill and why couldn't this be done over the phone (and, in my mind I'm wondering where was his uniform, identification badge, how come he was door knocking at night time???) he finally got the message and reluctantly left- glancing back to see two preschool age children blow-fishing the window. Hmmmm nice!

Is this just happening to me? I feel like I am being targeted or something.... or are there others out there having these visitors too?


Busy Brissy Mum said...

I've had almost exactly the same happen at my house. It drives me crazy...almost so much that I want to put a sign on the gate telling them not to come any further. I love to be hospitable but being a stay-at-home mum it feels like an invasion of my home, my precious time and I don't feel safe either. I experience the same thing with the phone so I screen all my calls and phone back if necessary. Those type of calls never leave a message so I never have to call them back. I know how you feel!

Toni Brockliss said...

I have had 2 visits since we moved here.
I blame the gas company for sending the young men out.
They are students and are obviously taught in the sales department to badger people into signing up or having bulbs fitted.
Because they are students and from overseas, there are many 'lost in translation' moments that cause nice ladies who are home alone to worry.

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