Monday, August 3, 2009

Jolly little Jumper

I borrowed a Jolly Jumper from a friend when I had my older two children, so when baby number 3 came along, I wasn't sure what to do but in the end I decided that it would probably be worth the $50 to buy a new one. Well I could not have been more spot on!

Every day I wonder what life after the Jolly Jumper will mean. My little boy LOVES it! Anywhere between 4.30-6pm (also known as feral hour in our house) I just pop him in and off he goes. Giggling, laughing, squealing and looking very proud of himself. I can not explain it, but it is absolutely hysterical to watch.

Yesterday when I put him in it I realised that life after the Jolly Jumper is about to nine month old's tummy is almost getting too chubby to strap in and I can't bring myself to check what the maximum weight is. I feel so sad. What will we do?

My little jolly jumper is about to have his first lesson in life about "moving on". I feel like that Jolly Jumper is almost a part of our family now. I'm just not sure how we'll survive without "jumping time" as part of our daily activities- especially since number 3 hasn't begun crawling yet! I keep telling him that sliding backwards and 360s are not classified as crawling but I'm not sure he really cares with two older siblings to bring him his toys.

I don't know how long JJ has left with us but I do know that the days are numbered. I just feel that if I don't start preparing myself for the fact that it will soon be gone, I will definitely not handle it well when it happens.

I wonder why they don't make a size 2 Jolly Jumper... now there could be a real market for that surely. Or is it that babies are usually all crawling by nine months and don't want to be hung from the door frame anymore? I can't remember feeling at such a loss when my other 2 grew out of the JJ in fact, I can't even remember them growing out of it so maybe they lost interest in it before they got too big. Hmmm!

Well anyway, I guess I will just appreciate each day we have left with the Jolly Jumper and cross my fingers that number 3 start using the muscles he's built up from all his jumping to start moving himself forwards soon!

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