Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It will grow back!

I had long hair for years until the start of 2008.

When I felt ‘normal’ again after baby number 2, I decided to get a “funky mum” hair-do (whatever that is) and get my long locks all cut off (actually I was sick of just tying my hair in a pony-tail every day). So I took the plunge and got it cut and I was really happy with the results.

While pregnant with baby number 3 though, it developed into a bit of a female mullet (I had a fairly painful pregnancy so keeping my short hair well maintained was not my first priority…surviving was! LOL) so I decided that after having baby number 3 that I’d start putting in a bit more effort again and keep it short still with regular trims.

A few months later I felt like I’d started to manage everything a bit more again and I decided I’d attempt pulling off the old ‘pixie’ hair do. I mean if the likes of Winona Ryder, Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes could do it, surely I could too ha ha!!

This wasn’t too bad but the problem was that after I got sick of that style and asked my husband what I should do next, he replied, “You could grow it long again. I like your hair long”. Soooooo that’s fine, I started the process of growing it out but all those who have done this know that it is a very long and painful period of time. Some days are bearable but others I feel ready to take to my own hair with the scissors in frustration…

… this brings me to yesterday.

So I’m trying my best to set up an activity for my two and a half year old daughter with limited toys/resources (we are currently packing up our house) and I find this whole big box of craft things which I knew she’d love. I watched her as she started gluing this on to that, then colouring a bit, cutting using her ‘big girl’ scissors and then a bit more drawing etc.

I then proceeded in to the lounge room to check on my almost 10 month old who was happily playing with his toys (my 4 year old was at kinder) and I felt a spontaneous “ahhhhh”. All my children were occupied!
Just as quickly as that moment had come though, it disappeared. My daughter came in to the room and as she started talking to me I noticed a big clump of freshly cut hair on the floor!
"Oh no!" I exclaim. "What have you done? Did you cut your own hair?"
My daughter looked at me half proud and half guilt ridden. And then I got up and followed a trail of "hair chunks" all the way back to the craft table!

I am still a little bit too upset to be even writing about this (I start to tear-up when I speak about it) and way too upset to upload the photo I took of the big pile of hair that I found but I just have to keep reminding myself that "It will grow back!"

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Busy Brissy Mum said...

My Miss M did the same thing once before. Ooops! Thankfully the other curls sort of covered it up. I hope it's not too long before your daughter's hair does grow back.

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