Saturday, August 1, 2009

I love planning parties!

My daughter's 3rd birthday is not until December but I am excitedly planning her party already (and have been for a while).
It's going to be a ladybird themed tea party I think. Here's some of the ideas that I am finding and filing away:


Anonymous said...

Hey this is so cool!!!
Not sure about those cupcakes though - p'haps the mum making those for the kids is trying to kill the kids at the party of by massive overdoses of icing!!! BWAHAHA
LOVE the invites, so simple and clever! Cool balloons - can you order them online? And my other favourite was the placemats - toooooo clever and cute!!!!
Yay for parties!!!
Mel x

Christie Burnett said...

What a great theme.

You could play 'Pin the Ladybird on the Flower' or and make some ladybird beanbags and have a bean toss game where the throw them onto flowers.

Have fun planning,

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