Friday, July 24, 2009

Would you rather...?

We started playing this game in our family called "Would you rather?" and we got so into it that my husband and I brainstormed a whole heap of questions and wrote them out on little cards and put them at each place setting for our Christmas evening meal (with his side of the family). It was a real hit and stimulated a lot of conversation as people went in to detail as to why they chose that particular response etc. It was also a fantastic way to include the children in the table discussions because they had some questions suited to their age group (preschoolers) and they just loved giving their responses and having everyone listen.

Since Christmas, we have continued to play the game from time to time especially in the car on a lengthy trip somewhere.

Well a few months ago while I was making cappuccinos (and babycinos) one of these "Would you rather?" conversations started up (sometimes the kids just spontaneously start asking us too) and it was on the theme of 'When you grow up would you rather be a____ or a ______?) We ended up going through lots of different options and it was really fascinating to hear the answers given from our children (daughter 2 and half, son 3 and three quarters) but as the conversation was ending. my son said "You know when I grow up I want to make coffee".

So today, months later as my younger two children had their day time naps and I was spending some lovely quality time chatting and cuddling my eldest (and 'yes' I had just sat down after making a cappuccino and babycino), he said again "You know Mum when I grow up I think I want to make coffees and I think I want to be a dad!"

My heart melted and I shared such a special moment with him telling him how lucky his children would be to have a dad like him and what a wonderful husband he would make one day. I was then able to share how when I was little I wanted to be a teacher and a mum and how being a mum was my most favourite job of all.

So if some one asks me "Would you rather be doing anything else with your life right now?" or do I miss teaching? I just have to take one look in to any of my precious children's big blue eyes and my answer rolls straight of my lips, "No I would not swap this for anything!" I love being a mum.

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