Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First Birthdays!

There is something so special about celebrating first birthdays. This month one of my nieces turned 1! We had the privilege of celebrating with her on the weekend. My sister had organised a super-fun "cupcake" themed party.
All the children at the party got to wear beautifully hand made aprons and decorate their very own cupcake with about a hundred or so lollies! It was so much fun.
I made some little bears driving in cars that I'd seen a few weeks ago at my nephew's 5th birthday party. They were really easy- although from the photo you can see that mine were far from perfect as I rushed to get them finished in between serving breakfast and dressing my three children LOL!
Anyway all you need is a packet of Mars Bars, a packet of Smarties and a box of Tiny Teddies...plus some icing to stick it all together. They're really simple and could be a fun activity to try with kids too (if you're not hurrying like I was!)
Plus, how good does the cake look? Well done sis! The tin is available to hire for $10 from Merry Day in Cheltenham. Now I just need to start getting ready for my baby's first birthday in October...how exciting!

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