Thursday, July 30, 2009


Congratulations to my wonderful friend Sarah. Sarah popped out a beautiful 9 pound baby girl on Sunday. Your third child will be such a wonderful addition to your already delightful family Sarah. Well done!

The week before the birth, I was trying to decide on a present for the upcoming arrival and it was really difficult. My friend already has a boy and a girl so whilst new clothes are always nice to have, I wanted to think of something extra special and meaningful too. Well I am still waiting for inspiration BUT in the meantime I decided to make a homemade present for the older two children who will be going through a big adjustment having a new baby in the home and having to share their mum even more than usual.

For Sarah's daughter (almost 4) I made a pretty pink bag of bean bags to throw and catch. I thought this might be a good activity to do while she was waiting for her mum to change a nappy or finish feeding. On each beanbag I sewed a letter (from her name) so that as she learns the alphabet she can identify the letters. Then once she begins to learn how to spell, she can arrange the letters in the right order. She can also see if there are any other words that she could make with the letters of her name.

For Sarah's son (almost 2) I made some friendly little beanbag creatures... they kind of look like mice I think. I sewed a little bag to keep his new friends in and hopefully they will develop a personality of their own and even get a name!

I'm not naturally good at make things but I do so love to. I hope the children enjoy these beanbags as much as I did creating them.

Good job again Sarah. I'm looking forward to a big cuddle with your little one.

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Toni Brockliss said...

I am so happy for sarah! How lovely.

You did such a wonderful job on the gifts. Proud of you lady.

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