Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mainly Music...end of an era

I have been taking my children to Mainly Music for the past two and a half years and it was with great sadness that I recently made the decision to discontinue this activity at the end of the term.
As a mum, I think you know within yourself when having too many events on during the week becomes more of a stress than anything else.
I know for myself I don't cope long-term if I can't have at least one day at home without 'having' to go out.
This was fairly easy to maintain with just one child and not too difficult with two but of late, my poor third child seems to be in and out of his car seat about 25 times a day! It's enough to make me wonder whether he'll ever learn to crawl as he just doesn't get the same amount of floor-time that his siblings did... and when he does, they pass him everything he needs anyway (but that's a whole other story).
So crunch time came when I realised that the activities we were going to were taking over my plan for staying in control and maintaining sanity... something had to go. And then the dilemma hit, what would it be?
My eldest two children recently started swimming lessons which is probably when I noticed that things were getting a whole lot busier. Because they love doing this so much and their improvement week by week just blows me away, I was reluctant to give up on this so soon after starting.
So after weighing up everything and going through the pros and cons in my head, Mainly Music was what I finally decided we had to sacrifice. Does this mean that music is less important? Absolutely not. I feel quite the contrary. It's just that I began going to MM for a specific purpose and, for this time, the needs of my family are such that over scheduling them and not providing opportunities in the week to just be at home and play is not somethng I am willing to do.

I am so thankful to Robyn from Bayside Church for her commitment to organising this group. I hope she realises what an important job she has. When I joined MM my son was about 16 months old. I wanted an activity that would build his listening skills, confidence and enhance his love of music. MM fulfilled all that... and more. I saw him grow and change and learn so much through the program and he still talks of it fondly on Wednesdays when he knows his younger sister and brother will be going while he's at kinder. My daughter, now two and a half, was a newborn when she first attended and it has been wonderful to see her interact and enjoy all the various aspects of the group as she has developed.
I would highly recommend Mainly Music to anybody looking for something to take their child/ children to. It's an affordable, welcoming, fun-filled and educational time that you can learn more about your young children whilst watching them develop their listening skills and concentration (on top of the endless other attributes associated with a music program such as a sense of rhythm, exposure to various instruments etc).
Well despite my sadness at not continuing with MM, I am looking forward to next term and regaining back that balance in the week for the children to just chill out, play in the backyard and recuperate. And, I may even see the bottom of my ironing basket from time to time!

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