Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Learning to draw!

It's so exciting when children start to take an interest in drawing. Since my three year old son started kinder he has been bringing home various pictures of basic stick figure type people and as a result of this my two and a half year old has started to want to draw all the members of the family and letters like 'E' for her name and 'T' for her brother's. She is very focussed on her "work" as she calls it. I love to watch how she improves bit by bit and how she asks me to show her how to draw letters and write her name. Her first attempt at writing an 'E" (shown in the photos) was a couple of weeks ago and since then her interest has increased each day.
As I sit here at my computer, she is next to me telling me that I can do my work because she is very busy doing hers: cutting, drawing pictures and then sticking cut outs on to make something VERY special that I'm not allowed to know about yet "coz it's a surprise!"
All I know is there's a whole lot of concentrating and heavy breathing going on here so I just know that whatever it is...it's going to be GREAT! LOL...

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