Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just because...

You know how there's some people you meet in life and for some reason you just 'click' and you know that no matter where in the world they are and you are that you'll always be happy to hear from them and keep up with how they're going. Near or far, their world will always be important to you from then on.

Five and a half years ago my husband and I took a Contiki tour through Europe as part of a five week holiday. We were expecting to be a part of a tour group filled with young singles all wanting to get drunk but to our surprise there were ten married couples in our group! Ben and Toni were one couple that we met on that trip. A beautiful couple who had just been married in Las Vegas and were enjoying their honeymoon. Through the duration of the 16 day tour we spent lots of time with these two and were sure to swap email addresses with them at the end.

Over the years it has been lovely to receive email updates on their family from the births of their children to job changes etc. It's nice to be included and likewise we would email them with our updates. Due to living on different sides of Australia emailing, and later, Facebooking were our usual means of communicating.

Early last year I remember with happiness the email I received from Toni letting me know that they would be moving to Melbourne. I was so excited. Over the past year it has been great seeing Toni (and the rest of the family). She is an unbelievably talented, generous, gentle, intelligent person with a huge heart for putting others before herself.

She writes this wonderful blog called Modern Day Pioneers. I love reading what she has to write and it's just another way that I feel that I get to "share in her world" a bit.
A while ago she started something on her blog called "A Little Me". This is what she wrote:

"I love to craft.

The only problem is that I am quick and am slowly running out of walls to hang things on and shelves to place things upon.

I also love to give things away. To make someones day.

So I am starting a little me.

All you have to do is email me your name and your address (and your blog so I can link you) and I will send you something free.

It could be home made jam, lemon candies, an embroidery, a tea towel, vegemite, tim tams.....just a little me to give to you.

a little me button will be on the side of my blog with your name so you can check back to see where you are on the list and how soon you can look out for the postie with your prize.

Depending on how many people I get, I will just work though the list one by one, so you won't get a present straight away but it will be some day. If you are the only name on my list, then you won't have to wait very long! Once I have sent your prize, your name is removed from the list and I move to the next person and so on.

There isn't a catch and your details will be kept private. It's just a way to do something nice because we need more nice in the world".

Well when I'd arrived home after our music class and the kinder pick-up today, I checked the mail box and surprisingly there was a parcel for me! It's not my birthday so it was very odd to be receiving a gift...did I buy something from ebay? I tried to remember... as I turned the package over, I noticed it was from Toni.

She'd sent me a beautiful little postcard, cup holder, Tim Tams and hand made embroidery.

I was so touched. What a treasure. And what's more she has such a huge list of people that she is generously giving to from all over the world, some people that she may never even meet. Why? Just because it's a nice thing to do.

We could all do with a few more 'Toni's in our lives encouraging us to go beyond our own problems, our own 'life' and remember to do something nice for someone else just because....

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Toni Brockliss said...

ohhh. I'm touched and my face has gone all hot.
Thank you so much Andie for the beautiful post. Gosh...that was so lovely.
You are a diamond.

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