Tuesday, June 2, 2009

From one lovingmum to another...

Aren't you glad for those times when it all just works? I had a busy morning planned where I needed to make it to everything on time otherwise it would throw the rest of the day off.
As I'm piling the three children in to the car just before 8.30am my mobile starts ringing, it's my husband wanting to chat to my 3 year old because he'd left early and wanted to say good morning. I quickly explained that we were sticking to a very tight schedule today and continued with the 500th trip back and forth to the car loading in swimming bags, lunch boxes, nappy bag, school bag, hand bag etc etc and then realised I hadn't yet given my 7 month old his breakfast. I quickly brought him to the high chair feeding him mouthfuls between loading the car and hoped that the rushed feeding wouldn't later cause indigestion!
On the road by 8.35am we made it to kinder for an 8.40 start. As I pulled my baby out of the car I noticed a rather nasty smell (which must've been strong because I have an awful cold at the moment which has affected both my ability to hear and smell but even I could smell this one). Ew, it would have to wait until after the drop off. Thankfully I was able to run in and run out of kinder avoiding eye contact with anyone and hoping that my brief appearance at the kinder door wouldn't leave any lingering and unpleasant odors.
Racing back to the car with the two younger children, I then realsied that I had forgotten to put the pram back in to the car and only had my stroller. This wouldn't normally be a problem except that I was on my way to my daughter's swimming lesson where I put my baby in the creche and he has his sleep. I had no choice but to race home and grab it. Telling my daughter about the extra stop off, she reveals that she is busting for the toilet and wants to go at home NOT swimming. I manage to convince her that she can hold on until swimming and then remember that I must change that smelly nappy too!
Arriving at swimming I happen to glance down at the enrollment forms that I had neglected to fill out yet for the creche. I rummage to find a pen and quickly scribble down three pages of answers with great hast. Racing to get to the creche for drop off and make the start of the lesson, I remember again that I still haven't attended to the nappy. Could I just leave him there and not say anything I wonder...No I why would I even think that? Surprisingly I change the nappy, race to the change rooms and then rush to the edge of the pool.
Great! The lesson hasn't yet started. But just as I am about to launch into the pool with my daughter I hear her mention something about it being 'pajama day' (translation: Water Safety Week whereby the kids where clothes/ p.js in the water). Thankfully I had remembered this earlier and put some old pajamas in her swimming bag. After dressing her we proceed with our lesson having a lovely time together and also getting to chat to some of the other mums. The half an hour lesson flew and before I knew it we were singing "If you're happy and you know it wave bye-bye". I scrambled out of the pool, dried and dressed us and raced down to the creche to find my baby howling and not having slept with snot running down his face. The carers assured me he hadn't been unhappy the entire time but it made me so sad to see how tired and grumpy he was.
By the time we'd got to the car though he'd quietened down and was almost asleep. Now I had to race to the doctors where I had an appointment for my baby and myself (we've got the worst colds out of the family). I had to arrive early as it is not my normal doctors (it's so hard to get appointments anywhere at the moment) and I had to fill out the medical forms prior to seeing the doc.
As we are waiting in the waiting room surrounded by people wearing face masks, my daughter starts moaning that she needs to use the bathroom. Despite taking her to the toilet again before leaving swimming, she insists that she really needs to go. I tell her to wait and thankfully the doctor comes and calls my name. About one minute in to the appointment and my daughter starts yelling "wee, wee, wee, poo, poo" at the top of her lungs. I look helplessly at the doctor and ask if I could please take he to the toilet to which he rolls his eyes but agrees.
Eventually we get back and the doctor examines me. Yes I need antibiotics- I'm glad I'm not imagining my cold that hasn't cleared up in nearly a month and surprisingly (but thankfully) my 7 month old doesn't need them which was good news for him.
After darting to the chemist and stocking up on baby panadol, my antibiotics and several other items we made it home by midday. Within 10 minutes both children were tucked up in their beds and fast asleep. It is now that I sit and relax for a few minutes and eat my lunch before the rush begins again with the kinder pick up, afternoon tea, dinner preparation, night time routine and ... then tomorrow it all starts again! I LOVE being a stay-at-home mum. There are times when it is crazy or monotonous or messy but it is also so rewarding. There is so much to celebrate in life and, let's be honest, it goes by so quickly. So from my messy kitchen, piles of laundry and unfinished list of jobs... take heart because, in my opinion, there's nothing better than being a lovingmum.

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