Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Building a positive self esteem...

My husband and I have been trying for months now to give our children age-appropriate chores to help them to feel part of our family "team". These range from setting the table for dinner, emptying the recycling into the big bin, packing up toys, fetching something from another room or making their beds. We do this because we want them to grow up knowing that they are valued and significant for their contribution to our household and our family.

It's sometimes easier to just "do it yourself" when young children are so easily distracted or don't do as good a job as we would do but, I believe, that we shouldn't let that that put us off!

What a great gift you give your child when you allow them experiences which enable positive self-labels to develop.
How good is it for kids to say about themselves, “I am helpful”, “I can do that”, “I am trustworthy”? Giving children something to "do" provides those opportunities on a daily basis. And the rewards will be evident in the future.

I try to remember that my children will be someone else’s housemate, employee, husband or wife in years to come!


Toni Brockliss said...

You are such a wonderful mum Andie.
When Audrey marries Toby I will be so grateful to you for involving him with the chores!

Lovingmums said...

Too funny! Maybe by then he'll do them with a good attitude LOL!

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