Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bedtime Habits

Is it just my kids or do any body else's children think of any excuse they can at night time to get out of their bed?

"I'm hungry" (um not possible, you just ate three bowls of pasta).
"I'm thirsty" (okay there's your drink bottle right next to your bed)
"I need to do wee" (no-one could possibly need to go 500 times in 5 minutes...could they?)
"I can hear a noise"
"I need the light on"
"Can you tuck me in again"
"My feet are cold, I need socks on"
"Could you put some music on"
"I'm not tired/ I don't want to go to sleep/ I want to stay up with you"
"My hair is wet and I need a towel to lay on"

Then there's the hardest ones to respond to when you ask "Why are you up?"
"I just need another hug"
"I'm scared"
"Could you say another prayer"
"I need you to stay with me"

But I've heard all sorts of creative ones, if only I'd written them all down.
"There's something under my bed"
"I need some Vicks on my chest, back and feet"
"My doll is talking to me and keeping me awake"
"My baby (doll) wet the bed!"

Oh and tonight my daughter's was
"Could you please cut the tag off my teddy?" (Ummm...No!)
"Oh well, could you tuck me in again then?"

Now I know that parenting is a full time job and it's 24/7 BUT when I say goodnight and snuggle my children into their beds and then 2 seconds later they come waltzing out with the grin of a cheshire cat on their face naming their requests, I feel like hanging a sign around my neck that says, "OFF DUTY" which, when I think about it, would be pointless anyway as they can't read yet!

So after stating their problem to which I answer, "It's time for bed" regardless of what they're telling me... I begin to feel ever so slightly like getting cranky.
"What? Your arm's fallen off...? It's time for bed".

Thankfully my husband is generally more sympathetic which balances me out but once you give-in a few times, it can be "game on". I think he feels sorry for the kids when he hasn't seen them much all day so he's happy for a few of their stalling tactics. But me? No way. I am the ultimate bedtime nazi. I can be soft and understanding all day but by 7:01pm that all changes and you do not want to come asking to have your tag cut off your teddy as there will be no sympathy coming your way!

I think my efforts are starting to pay off too. Tonight my husband had a meeting to go to so I put the kids to bed. My son went straight to sleep no complaints from him... thankfully because he was so TIRED and when he gets like that you do not want to be negotiating about bedtime! My daughter tried once with the 'cutting the tag' request but was probably disappointed when she remembered that it was only me home and I was quite obviously NOT going to be chopping things off the side of her teddy despite her cutest appeals!

And so it continues each night...

Okay, okay, I admit it can be ever so slightly amusing. My husband and I do tend to have to laugh at some of the stuff they make up but my question is this, does it ever stop? Because if it does, the chances are I'll probably really miss it!

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