Sunday, May 24, 2009

The upcoming market...

Over the weekend I had the chance to catch up with my sister- as it worked out, both our husbands were away for a few days. One of the things that we accomplished last night was our preparation for the next Baby & Kids Market which is coming up next weekend. There is always lots to do before a market and it can be tricky trying to get ready when all the children are around. They're forever pulling things out of boxes, wanting to play with the toys they'd outgrown that we were going to sell or just moving things around. Anyway last night we were able to have a really good look at what we had. We decided for this market to focus on selling just the girls clothes that we have because there is so much stuff! It was loads of fun looking back through my daughter's little newborn clothes and reminiscing about when she was a tiny baby. As we pulled out all the little outfits it took us right back two years ago and there were so many memories. I feel so thankful to have my sister to share all these things with. We had so many laughs...the real belly aching, tears streaming down your face kind that you have when you know someone really well. Today I am feeling a little tired but it was all worth it for the fantastic opportunity to get all our stories and words out in true sisterly fashion. The photos show our big pile of things to sell as well as a few treasured items that I'll put in my daughter's memory box. Her smallest little pair of shoes and her first pair of Havaianas.
If anyone's interested the details for the market are:

Sunday-31-May-09, 9am-1pm
This Baby & Kids Market is for preloved goods for boys & girls from birth to 7 years. Berwick Leisure Centre, Manuka Rd, Berwick, Mel Ref 111 H7.
All Baby & Kids Markets are held inside, so no matter what the weather brings, we will proceed.
When the Market opens at 9am it can be a little congested. If you need to come with a pram, it may be better if you come around 11am, when the initial rush is over. Please do not worry, there are bargains a plenty, right until the end!
$3 (kids free)

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