Thursday, May 21, 2009

Routine Loving Mum

I must be one of the biggest routine lovingmums there are! Yesterday, however, it was time to step outside the boundaries of my well-planned day and just GO WITH THE FLOW! Here's my gratitude for yesterday:

I am grateful for the fun I had with my sis and all the kids today. Ditching the old routine of forcing the children to have afternoon naps, we opted to be "cool" mums and take them to a play centre instead! So after a busy morning at kinder (for my three year old) and Music for all the rest of us, the party continued long in to the afternoon until we were all well and truly jiggered. It was a fun day and let me just say I am grateful for all the uninterrupted words my sister and I got to speak while the kids busied themselves playfully...yay!

The result today is that all three children are totally exhausted and having a nap at the same... and back into their routine! Ahhh I feel so liberated.

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