Friday, May 22, 2009

My lazy day...

Today I wandered around DFO in Cheltenham. And I mean wandered around, not a quick race in and race out... or meet for a coffee and only see a few shops on the way in and way out... oh no, I wandered! Some would say aimlessly but in fact I had quite a productive time really. I found some bathers at Speedo for $20. They're those racer-back ones so now I'll look like an Olympic champion in the pool! Well, maybe not, but at least when my daughter grabs on to my bathers this week at swimming she won't be exposing me in places I'd rather not be exposed.
I also bought a couple of nice tops that I think embrace and express my current stage of life. I mean I don't feel like an old, old woman yet but then lots of my clothes are way too teeny boppery to wear now so it's been a real challenge of late to find something that reflects 'me'- early thirties, stay-at-home mum of three, trying to be cool but not! And basically just wanting to look moderately presentable. So anyway I found a few tops that I thought matched this criteria and were within my budget which I was pleased about. I also bought two Reebok 'sporty/casual' t-shirts for my stay-at-home days (whenever they are) which were reduced from $40 to $10 each and some lovely little presents too. Some Country Road pajamas for a sweet friend turning 3 this weekend and a cute little dress and knickers from Cotton On Kids for a friend who recently had a baby girl (all bargains of course).
After all that I was actually feeling rather exhausted. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I was carrying a 7 month old baby strapped to my front the entire time! Ahhh but it was worth it and he did seem to enjoy it too, chatting up all the shop assistants!
So if you've not been to DFO before, it's definitely worth it. Just remember to leave the kids with someone else so that you actually get time to wander!

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