Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Well, I think, it would be a bit strange not to write anything about my Mother's Day- this being a blog for mums and all!

The lead up to Mother's Day in our house started a week or so ago when my son began making things and talking about Mother's Day at kindergarten. He excitedly took our book "Why I Love My Mummy" in to school so that his teacher could read it to the class. As well as this, he had been eagerly awaiting the chance to "shop" at the Mother's Day stall.
Yesterday I woke up to the commotion of presents being thrust at me in my semi-conscious state and then taken back only to be opened by the ones giving the presents (maybe that's all part of the service!). My daughter gave me some chocolates, which she would've happily consumed herself had I let her and my son gave me a lovely little jewelry box and scented drawer sachet thing that he'd chosen from the stall. It was very cute.

We go to church on Sundays but being Mother's Day there was no formal sermon as such but three mothers (of different ages and stages) sharing parts of their 'journeys' in and through motherhood. I sat their with tears of laughter as they recounted so many funny stories about their children that I could relate to- it's comforting to know that others walk a very similar path. They also got all the mothers to stand up and everyone else gave a round of applause to acknowledge us in this role. Then a group of guys came and handed all the mums a little gift-wrapped present of Chocolatier fair-trade chocolates (our church really advocates for and supports fair-trade).

After lunch my own mother joined us for afternoon tea (as well as my father, sister, brother-in-law and two nieces). It was chaotic but lovely all at once. My mum is so special to me. She helps me with so many aspects of my life and is a real encourager. She'd had a special event prior to coming over to our house which was my brother calling in to see her after about three or more years of not having face-to-face contact. Of course she was so delighted to have seen her first born child after such a long time. What a special day for her and one that made us all so happy because we knew she was happy.

I hope that you had a relaxing day and that you felt spoilt and shared this occasion with loved ones too.

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