Thursday, May 28, 2009


I love watching my children using their imaginations. Sure, some of the things my three and a half year old comes out with are a little 'out there' but it's kind of sad in a way that us adults don't use our imaginations as much anymore...
My kids had such a lovely day today playing in fantasy land from the moment they got up through most of the day. They started the day as fire fighters then built pretend snow men and then they moved on to "mother and son" games! My 2 year old daughter was the mother and my three and a half year old boy was the baby son. When I called them for snack time they came in to the kitchen holding hands to which my daughter informed me that her older brother couldn't walk yet so she was helping him!
My son, of course, was speaking in a baby voice and when the game continued on through snack time and he began to get a little bit silly, I habitually asked him to eat his food properly. At this request however, his "mother" (or 'little' mum as he referred to her) informed me that in fact he couldn't eat properly because he had no teeth! I had to laugh! What a lovely stage to be able to switch to the imaginary so easily. I am thankful for their little games and the way they so innocently process their world.

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