Monday, May 25, 2009

I feel so grateful...

I am so thankful for my little 2 year old daughter. She's so can be so fiery and strong-willed and yet she has such a soft side too AND has more "love" to give than anyone else I know.

This morning in the car on the way home from dropping my son at kinder she was chatting non-stop (as per usual) about random things she was noticing etc when she suddenly paused and asked, "Mummy do you love me?"
"Oh sweetie" I replied glancing in the rear view mirror, "I love you soooooo much". Then these were her exact words in response...

"Ohhhh WOW!" she exclaimed enthusiastically "Thanks Mum! I love you sooooooo much too. When we get home me going to give you a big cuddle coz me so proud of you". And then she went back to her usual banter about the bus she saw etc etc....

Ahhh I had to write it down because even though she is going through an "I love you" stage at the moment and she tells everyone in the family how much she loves them, I want to cherish these words forever because I know (when she is a teenager LOL) she may not be so affirming.

Talk about melt my heart though!

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