Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I love making scones. Not just because they are so easy to make and not just because they taste delicious but because my family LOVE to eat them so much.
It brings me great pleasure to see them dig into a freshly baked scone or two with the margarine melting down their faces. I made a batch this afternoon after my son came home from kinder and, once again, they were a winner!
I think this tradition of scone making has been past down from my mum to me. Apparently not everyone can make good scones but I find them really easy. There are a lot of recipes that go around like the one with lemonade in it etc but this recipe has just SR flour, icing sugar, cream and water. I don’t even look up the recipe anymore I just chuck all the ingredients in the bowl, give it a quick stir with a knife, cut them out and then pop them in the oven. Just 15 minutes later, the aroma of fresh baking is wafting through the house and everyone feels just that bit happier!

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