Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh no! Hand foot and mouth disease AGAIN!

You may remember last year my two eldest children both got hand, foot and mouth disease which I blogged about back then. Well on Friday morning my five month old woke up not quite himself and by late that afternoon he had a temperature and would not drink. By that evening he still would not drink so I had to get up several times in the night to a screaming/unhappy little boy and try to syringe 1ml of milk at a time into his mouth (he usually drinks 200ml a time!). By Saturday he was very tired and just wanted to be held and sleep the whole time. I kept having to syringe milk into his mouth throughout the day (which he hated) but he did drink 50ml in the late afternoon and we thought he might be getting better. Come 9pm that night though and no more milk successfully going in, I called the nurses online phone number and she said we must take him straight to emergency as he was now highly at risk of being dehydrated. By the time Mum arrived and we went to leave his little face had lost all colour and his eyes had sunk into his face and he did not look good. We prayed as we drove to Monash Medical Centre as there are often waits of up to 4 hours to get seen. ANYWAY as we pulled up and got out of the car, we looked through the window of the emergency department to see a huge miracle....NO ONE THERE AT ALL!!! We walked straight in, got taken straight away into the pediatrics department and he was being treated within minutes... we have a great God- for those of you who have ever had to go to Monash, you'll understand what a massive miracle this is.
I mentioned to the triage nurse, "Wow, it's a quiet night tonight" and she looked at me really funny and said " You wouldn't believe it, it has actually been soooo busy tonight!" After some heavy drugs to take the pain away from his throat which has lesions on it, he started drinking again and got some colour back which I was thrilled about.  They were about to have to put a tube up his nose and pump fluid into him which would not be nice. The doctor said he had hand, foot and mouth disease but without the blisters on the hands and feet... so is that just mouth disease?? Anyway by 1am he was well enough to go home but the lovely doc gave us a letter stating his history so that if we got home and then had to come back to emergency again, we would be seen straight away. As we left the car park the boom gate was already up meaning that the parking was FREE! Ha ha... There was definitely someone watching out for us.

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