Thursday, April 30, 2009

Marvellous Mums may need a new direction...

So far this year, Marvellous Mums has had lower numbers of mums attending than in the past (due to many factors).

In my opinion, however, if something is not working then you try different strategies to improve it.
I am committed to running this group until at least the end of the year (as I have advertised in all the maternal child health centers in Kingston and various other community places) so it is in my best interests to find a way to increase the numbers again.

Here's my thoughts:

We keep the Marvellous Mums name and purpose but come under the umbrella of 'Playgroup Australia' as a "particular interest group" (supporting mums).
We meet weekly attracting new people who are looking for a more regular commitment/ weekly activity.
We establish some guidelines which include all those in the 'group' being involved in the organisation and planning. (I am still happy to be the contact person- if that's what people want). With more people involved in the organisational side, we offer a more diverse range of activities/ideas for the children attending whilst still enjoying social interaction and support.
We charge a minimal term fee e.g. $3-$4 per week per family to cover the costs of art and craft material, administration costs etc
We fundraise money, as necessary, to cover the cost of hiring the room/play equipment (like an event such as the upcoming shopping spree tour).

Where to now?
Playgroup Victoria has waiting lists of people wanting to join groups. It would be my desire to see our Marvellous Mums group not just survive, but thrive!

I am happy to fill out the paper work required to register the group with Playgroup Victoria however as well as doing this it will take a minimum of 4 mothers who are willing to register with Playgroup Victoria ($25) and commit to being a part of the group. There are some other benefits to joining Playgroup Victoria too such as receiving their magazine (delivered to your door), access to events at a discounted rate, opportunity to be involved in some free playgroup, membership card with discounts on playgroup resources and parenting products etc....

So.... if this is something that you may be interested in. Please reply and let me know your thoughts. I am happy to hear people's opinions and desires for how the group should run. I am ready to step in and do whatever it takes to get the group growing again- I think we all like to be a part of something that is running successfully.

With the fundraiser this weekend, it's a great time to be relaunching the group, adopting a new style and planning for the future.
I am more than happy to keep putting the monthly newsletters together (or share this role), be involved with the planning and work as part of a team.

Please have a think and let me know if you'd be happy to try this idea or if you have any other contributions to the running of the group.

Thanks for reading,

Andrea Cross

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