Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hot Cross Buns

I have a friend whose boyfriend used to work at a factory that makes cakes, pavs, biscuits etc and she told me that they made their hot cross buns BEFORE Christmas and just pumped them full of preservatives! How disgusting is that?

Well since beginning a quest to find some moderately healthy hot cross buns to feed my family, I have discovered that Aldi sell a brand called Bakers Life who make premium hot cross buns with no artificial colours, flavours or chemical preservatives. The buns are also vegan, and there have not been GM products, animal or hydrated fats or dairy products used either. They are 97% fat free and made in Australia from local and imported ingredients. The buns are made with 30% fruit fruit and sweetened with honey and golden syrup. "How do they taste though?" I hear you ask. They taste GREAT actually.
BUT the best news is that they can be frozen! I'm off to go and stock up on my supplies... Happy Easter.

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