Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getting rid of the dummy. Going, going GONE!

Well you will no longer see my little girl with a dummy in her mouth. Tonight she decided that she was a big enough girl now to throw her dummies in the rubbish bin and claim her bag of little dolls we'd bought her in return. She hasn't been allowed to touch these little dolls or even look at them so she was very excited to finally receive them upon dumping her precious dummies forever. We didn't know how she'd go as she loves her dummies and since moving to her big girl bed (and it is a BIG bed, it's queen size) she has been allowed to have about 6 or so scattered around so she could always find one in the night. We thought it was a good idea until she would become so upset if they weren't all accounted for. She was like the good shepherd with the flock of 100 sheep who leaves the 99 to go looking for the one lost lamb, except in this case it was her one lost dummy!
Anyway she went well tonight. A couple of little whimpers to which I went and gave her forehead a gentle stroke and then sort of hovered in the doorway for a while but it was actually pretty unnecessary, she was really perfectly fine. I think I was the one who wasn't ready yet. I remember when my son got a throat infection and couldn't suck his dummy, it was so painful to swallow and after 2 nights of him not having it, I said to my husband, "This is it. It's our opportunity to get rid of the dummy now" and it worked really well. We never looked back. So it's been almost 2 hours now and so far so good but.... I'll have to keep you posted. We try not to celebrate too early in this house!

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