Friday, February 13, 2009

Ten years later...

Well Dave and I have been married for 10 years today. I think every year since our wedding day it has been a beautiful sunny day on February 13th but our family will remember that ten years ago it was actually raining, hot, sticky and very overcast! Oh well it didn't matter to us we were just glad to be starting our lives together... anyway.... that has nothing to do with my grat.

So last night I had to pop out to the shops and grab a few things and after coming home and chatting for a while I said that I was going upstairs to which Dave said he'd come too. As I opened up our bedroom door I had a flashback from 11 1/2 years earlier on the night when Dave had proposed to me. He had totally recreated the scene...filled the room with red helium balloons, put little messages everywhere, roses scattered on the bed, Kenny G playing 'Forever In Love' (my total fav song and what I walked down the aisle to). It was so amazing. It took me totally by surprise as it did 10 years ago. Dave told me he hadn't organised anything yet and I (being very gullible still LOL or maybe just trusting) believed him. As I was reading all the little notes he'd written, I happened to glance over and noticed a ring hanging from one of the balloon strings...this is also what happened when he proposed so then he got down on one knee again and said something lovely (which I can't remember exactly b/c it's all a bit of a blur now as I was in shock). So I got an eternity ring which was just so special.

So...I am grateful for 10 great years, surprises and of course my romantic best friend who still manages to sweep me off my feet. Sorry...I know it's all a bit mushy but I am still on a high about it :)

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Toni Brockliss said...

I think that is so romantic!
You have a keeper A.
I think you are both so gorgeous.

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