Monday, February 2, 2009

A little grat

For a while now when I say Mr. T's prayers with him, I ask him if he wants to say thanks to God for anything (trying to teach a heart of gratitude!). At the start he found it quite difficult so I would just model some things from the day then we would take it in turns (grat for grat) but very quickly he had heaps of things each night that he wanted to thank God for all in a row. It's really interesting to hear what he's glad about because often it's not something he's mentioned during the day.
Anyway today he had his first 'full' day at kinder and went along so happily and then came home with lots to say which was nice because after his first day on Wednesday he barely said two words about kinder (I think he was still processing it all). Well even though he often says nice things, my grat today is for a the peace and happiness he displayed as I tucked him in to his bed tonight and said prayers with him (we've had many bed time battles in the past year so it's so nice when he goes to sleep happy). His last few 'grats' were "thank you God for my lunch...thank you God for my kinder and thank you God for my mum".... ahhh my heart melts. I am so moved beyond explanation at the transformation he is making in to a 'big' boy and for the growth and development that I see in him day by day. That's my grat.

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Toni Brockliss said...

That's so beautiful.

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