Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Melbourne Zoo

The Christmas before last my parents gave us tickets to the Melbourne Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary. It took us a little over a year but we finally made it to the zoo. We had the most splendid day. The children absolutely loved it and let's be honest so did the adults! The weather was extremely hot but most of the day we were well protected from the sun as we strolled through the zoo's lush tropical Asian and African rainforests. The last time I had visited the zoo was when I was primary teaching and it's not the same when you're in charge of a large group of children. On this trip to the zoo our group consisted of a 'one adult per child' ratio... you have to love grandparents! The butterfly house is always a favourite and I was delighted to see how much our children loved it- and why wouldn't you? Hundreds of beautifully coloured butterflies gently landing on and around you. We were wondering about becoming friends of the zoo and I think we have decided that this is something that we definitely want to do. Now we just need to book a date to go see Healesville!

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