Sunday, January 18, 2009


Even though it’s not my wedding anniversary for another month, I am grateful for (almost) ten years of marriage to my best friend Dave. I feel so thankful to have this wonderful man in my life who supports, loves and protects me. Some people never find that ‘someone’ and others find them but then through life-circumstances the spark between them diminishes… or even more terribly they lose their special partner through sickness or an accident.
I feel like we’ve done a lot in ten years. It makes me so happy to reflect on the past and excited to think about what we’ll do in the next ten. We were so young when we got married just 21 years old but it has been fun ‘growing-up’ together. We’ve done a fair bit of traveling to many different countries, birthed 3 children, worked, studied, laughed and cried. We’ve seen friends come and go, lost friends to cancer and tragic accidents and made new friends who we share life with now. We’ve learnt to appreciate our parents more, seek their advice and respect their differences in opinion without being offended. We have moved house, bought new cars, graduated university, fostered children, started businesses, made up silly songs, painted rooms, rollerbladed, ridden elephants, gone ballooning and so many more random things.
This year to celebrate, we decided that one date was just not enough… we have so many things that we want to do so we’re going to book in 10 dates for 2009, some little things some big but all significant to us. I am especially looking forward to sitting down for a laugh and watching our wedding video!

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Toni Brockliss said...

You are both so gorgeous. Ben and I really look up to you both because you are so loving and caring.
I am so happy you have each other.

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