Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This month's Marvellous Mums theme, 2008 break-up

I’m excited! Marvellous Mums is CHANGING.
Read on to see how you can be involved!
Up until now, MM has been a monthly morning tea get-together, designed to connect mums and share information through face-to-face conversations, the lovingmums blog, the monthly newsletter and goody bag.
In 2009 MM will be expanding from our monthly meet-ups to a whole range of events which are more inclusive of a mothers needs, locations and availability.
PUT SIMPLY … you will be able to pick and choose the type of event you would like to attend just by reading your
monthly newsletter and checking the website.
Since there will be lots of different events available, you can select those that suit you the most!

Of course this new format (outlined in more depth below) offers lots of great opportunity for you to be involved in the organisational side of event that y ou are most interested in too...e.g. scrapbooking or bargain hunting.

All of the details for each event will be located on a “message” board on the new MM website. A monthly newsletter will remind people about what’s on and mums can ‘sign-up’ for the meet-ups and events that they plan on attending via the website. The monthly topic/theme will also be found on the website.

Some of the possible “Marvellous Meet-up Groups” that could be run include:
• Marvellous Events- A monthly excursion organised at the Zoo, Children's Museum, Collingwood or Myuna Farms and various pools, beaches, libraries etc. (Sometimes on a weekend)
• Marvellous ‘Mums Only’ Events- A ‘leave the babes at home’ night and go out for dinner, drinks, or have a special "Mum's Only" event as a group. These could include games nights, Chick Flick Movie Nights etc
• Marvellous Play Dates- Meeting at different play centres and parks around Melbourne for some socialising while the children explore and discover (and wear themselves out!)
Everyone would be encouraged to share their favourite parks and play spots with the rest of the group.
• Marvellous Book Club Meet ups- Every four to six weeks, a book will be put forward to read for the book club. To try to accommodate all readers, a meeting day or night would be voted on and the meetings would be held at a MM’s house or a coffee shop. The meetings could take on a theme from the book e.g. bring cultural food to enjoy while discussing the book.
• Marvellous Scrapping Meet ups- For the scrappers in the group, scrapbooking meet-ups include going to a MM’s home who has volunteered to host a scrapbooking night as well as meet-ups at various scrapbooking/ haberdashery stores around Melbourne.
• Marvellous Mentors- Particularly (but not essentially) for first-time mums; a mentor will be matched up, giving them another opportunity to catch up with someone either one on one or via phone calls to seek advice, support and friendship.
• Marvellous Mums Fitness Meet ups- For those people who are looking to lose a few kilos or just wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, walking events will be organised in various locations for mums to get out of the house and exercise together. Afterwards there may also be the opportunity to share advice, exercise tips and healthy recipes.
• Marvellous Misers- A group for the bargain hunting mums! The group organiser would schedule meet ups around Melbourne at big sales as well as op-shops, clearance centres, factory outlets etc.
• Marvellous Money Meet ups- This group willinspire one another to grow financially. By learning and sharing knowledge on topics that are financially based such as writing wills and trusts, budgeting as
well as how to save money, mums will be more equipped to handle their finances.
• Marvellous Mums fundraising committee-
A group that has an interest in seeing MM grow their resources and advertising opportunities. They willmeet to discuss and organise upcoming events like Bunnings sausage sizzles or bus shopping tours.

Where to now? These ‘meet up’ groups are just some suggestions about where MM will go in 2009. They obviously need one or more individuals to get behind them and be willing to organise them as regular events.
If you have a passion for any of these areas (or an area that has not been mentioned), I would love to hear from you.

A group organiser is needed before the event can be run and, if popular, could be offered in multiple suburbs/ areas/ days and times.

What does it take to be a group organiser?
The group organiser would be responsible for:
• Deciding the details of the meeting point e.g. location,time, what to bring, costs etc
This information would then be posted on the website.
From the message board, mums will ‘sign up’ for the events that they wish to attend- giving the group organiser a list of who to expect at their event.

Maybe you have not been able to attend any of the MM events this year due to the day, time or location … well there’s nothing stopping you now.

If you want to be able to link in with a positive network of mums whose passion is to be the best they can be, then now’s the time to put your hand up and get an event happening out in your area at a time that suits you!

Maybe you would like to put your name down as a Marvellous Mentor too, making yourself available if a first time mum needs someone to be a listening ear.

I am really excited about MM embracing this opportunity to grow and change. The morning teas in 2007 and 2008 have been a wonderful way of meeting new people and raising a profile in the Kingston community, however, several mums have asked about doing something similar in their area (particularly the Casey region).

If this concept also excites you and you have a passion to see mums supported and connected with others then please let me know. I would love to hear your feedback and ideas.
Thanks for sharing in this exciting journey,
Andrea Cross

PS Please feel free to forward this information on to any other mums who you know that may be interested in this concept or have the desire to be involved.


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