Thursday, November 20, 2008

What people are saying!

As I reflected on the past 12 months and began planning for 2009, I was encouraged by the positive emails that I have received from both my circle of friends and new mums that I have come to know this year. Here are just some of the things that other mums are saying about MM:

Just finished reading your newsletter and am once again amazed at how well you write and your great ideas. You can tell you’re a dedicated full time mum, cause I must say I do the play dough and the large paper for present wrapping but I probably should spend more time playing with my daughter too.

Thanks for a good time this morning. Jack enjoyed his time but he was looking forward to going back to Grandmas
for a little rest. Enjoy the rest of your week and I think your concept and the group is just great, well done.

Thanks for yesterday. You are obviously doing a great job and have a great bunch of mums coming along.
Thanks too for the pav and the pressies. Take care.

Hi Andrea, Thanks so much for your lovely email and for your fantastic support.
Well done on forming what seems to be a very well established and supportive network for mums, - what a great initiative to get going. We’re thrilled you’ll be chatting about us next week and really appreciate your support of Mum’s Grapevine. It’s great to hear that positive feedback and of course to know that we can help out a fellow bargain hunter!!

This morning I went to Chelsea Heights which is about 33kms from our house.
My friend Andie runs a group called Marvellous Mums and Mums, babies and toddlers meet once a month.
The Chelsea Heights Hotel has an indoor play gym and it's great for kids. All the Mums can talk and give support to one another.
It was wonderful to see Andie and to meet her two beautiful children and Andie's Mum, who is a lovely lady helping Andie and keeping an eye out for all the kids.
I did not feel like a marvellous mum today though. I was very excited to go to the mum's group today, but from the moment we stepped foot into the hotel, my son was very irritable.
I love my son more than anything, but temper tantrums are very stressful, not only for the child but also for the mum. You feel very embarrassed to upset the other Mum's and you feel inadequate in your parenting skills because you can't seem to comfort or calm your child down.
I have read lots of articles on temper tantrums and it says that if your child is doing it because he is testing your patience to ignore him, and if he is having trouble communicating what he is feeling, to be with him and say "it's ok" and to give comfort.
It is upsetting when you go to a public place and people stare at you, or people ask you why you can't calm him down or what's wrong with him?
As a mum, before you experience temper tantrums, you think that you will be able to calm your child down. That the minute it starts, everything will be ok once I speak with him.
It is not the case sometimes.I take everything to heart. I am a soft, very sensitive person and mty son has taken my traits. Certainly not my husband’s easy going trait that I so wished he would get. I don't know if he senses that his mum is anxious too and thinks "well if the old duck is worried and can't calm me down, what hope do I have?"
Your first priority is always your children, not yourself, but gee you can't help but take it to heart. Today it made me cry in the car on the way home, and when I spoke to my husband on the phone. You think you are a rotten mum.
Which brings me all the way back to Andie's group.
Not one lady gave me the stare and didn't make me feel uncomfortable. Andie's group is about supporting mums and making them feel special. That if someone takes the time to care about you, that you will pay it forward and care for your family.
I had a cry in the car because as I was leaving Andie gives you a present. Something just for you and it meant so much to me. Andie also looked at me, right in the eye and said, "Don't worry. You are doing a wonderful job."
Besides my husband, nobody has ever said that to me before and truly meant every word they said, and it meant so much to me.
Thank you Andie.

Hey Andie - Thanks for your lovely message and for making Shane feel welcome yesterday! You always amaze me and I think you are one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. You do an absolutely amazing job and always find the time to do things for other people. Organising things such as Marvelous Mums can be very time consuming yet you do it without even a thought and that is just awesome!

Hello Andrea,
Thank you for the information on your new idea which I think is truly marvellous and very enterprising!
I will certainly filter this information through to other mums and will also let my colleagues in Kingston, know about it.
Well done!

Hi Andrea,
How are you? Thank you so much for my invitation! Congratulations to marvellous mums on their 1st birthday!!!! What an excellent milestone!
'Little Aid' have just won over the maternal & child health coordinator for the Kingston council, so we shall be getting busier!
I’d really like to meet the person behind all this wonderful support so will try to make it, even if for a short while.
Thanks Andrea, will talk soon.
Kind regards,
Michelle Fiddian (Little Aid)

I love the idea of the marvellous mums! I wish I'd thought of it when I'd just moved here, you don't get mother's groups second time around so good on you taking the initiative!

Hi Andrea,
Just wanted to say thank you for having me at your group today. It was lovely to meet some new people and have lunch. A big thank you also for the lovely raffle prize. When I got home I was very excited to see the contents. My girls loved the marshmallows and I’ll have fun using the body wash.
See you next time

I think what you are doing with the MM is fabulous! I am sure it is a real blessing to those mums who go. I would have loved going to something like this when my kids were little. It’s great that you have found the new venue, and I agree that you need some helpers for your kids and some more leaders.

I love how passionate you are about MM's and am so excited to hear about how things are coming together - but I also love to hear your vision and heart.

Thank-you so much for always including me in your Marvelous mums days. I am sorry that I have been unable to come to most of them. I absolutely love your vision and think that you are incredibly gifted as a mum to run this group…I will look forward to hearing about your team and your success and challenges this year. Hope it goes really well and that it surpasses your expectations.

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JoodyC said...

You are doing a lovely job. Years from now your child will say, "Oh, that comes from when you said ..." and you didn't even know your child was listening to you.

Tantrums are normal, particularly when a child has about a 100 to 200 word vocabulary which is not quite enough to fully express specific thoughts (I want peanut butter and apricot jam, not jelly).

There are triggers and if you chart what has happened just before a tantrum, who was in the room, what time of day, what day of the week, and all those other little things, you may see a pattern. Once you find a pattern, you might be able to avoid the tantrum.

I cover this and other tips about preventing, stopping, and living with tantrums in my "Temper Tantrum Common Sense Handbook." It's an ebook that downloads as a PDF and it's available at

I hope you will add it to your bookshelf.

Good luck. You are doing a good job. You are loved. You deserve a HUGE hug and a big thank you.

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