Thursday, September 4, 2008

Marvellous Mums Invite- Scrapbooking Ideas Night

Dear Marvellous Mum
I am writing to invite you to a "Scrapbooking Ideas Night". You may have been to a scrapbooking party before but this DIFFERENT. It is really just a social night to come and be inspired by all things related to scrapbooking, card making and various other craft projects- big and small (you might even get some great ideas for Christmas presents). There will be embellishments, starter kits and craft materials available for sale on the night along with a raffle etc. There will also be the opportunity to talk to an "expert" in this field and sign up for workshops too. Bring some loose change and an open mind. Believe me, when you see some of these things, you will definitely feel inspired!

The reason behind organising this night, as many of you already know, is to raise some money for the Marvellous Mums morning teas. We will continue to look for grants that will provide resources for this work, however in the interim we will be supported by a few social events each year... and this is the first one! I feel that by having a few injections of money to support the morning teas, it will be beneficial when applying for future grants and keeping the financial records looking healthy.

Marvellous Mums IS growing and has seen a number of mums from the community come and connect with others, make new friends and develop support networks. So regardless of whether you have attended a morning tea or not, I felt it was worthwhile to include you in this email for various reasons.
We all know people who are mums, have a mum or might be a mum so we therefore recognise the importance of this role and how, with support, we can empower mothers and help them become MARVELLOUS.
I can see that together we are making a difference in the lives of other mums.

It will be a privilege to have the VERY talented Marvellous Mum, Toni Brockliss with us on the night to share her wealth of experience and creativity. From designing her own paper, making hundreds of wedding invitations, creating her own embellishments and stamps... this lady has done it all. She is amazingly gifted in this area and explains how it can all be done and just what materials you need for each project. She will be providing a list of the very best resources and websites to get you motivated as well as displaying many pieces of her own work for you to look at and ask questions about.

If I still haven't convinced you about the crafty side of things, then please just come and share in a social night of coffee and supper.

For more details please email me at

From Andrea

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