Monday, September 1, 2008

Collingwood Children's Farm

My Mainly Music group has been focused on animals this term and today I took the kids along to a Mainly Music excursion at the Collingwood Children's Farm.
We had such a lovely morning being able to milk and brush a cow, hold earth worms, look at the little piglets, bottle feed and play with 5 day to 2 week old lambs and their mothers, hand feed the chickens, ducks and goats, watch the newly hatched chicks peck around and cuddle guinea pigs... among other things!
What an experience. The Collingwood farm had such a quiet, relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. No one was in a rush and the children were so interested in all the animals. We arrived at 9.45 and an organised farm guide took us around the farm from 10am till approximately 11.30am. We then had some lunch and were able to wander around for a bit little before heading home at about 12.30pm. Once we were home, I felt exhausted and obviously the kids did too sleeping for about 3 hours!!
Car parking was $4 for the day and I think a family ticket is $16. There's a great cafe there too for snacks, meals and coffee etc. I would highly recommend a visit.

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