Monday, August 11, 2008

Marvellous Mums August update:

Since the last morning tea, I was notified by mail that the MM’s application for a City of Kingston Community Grant had not been approved on this occasion.

While applying for other grants is not out of the question, it is however a time consuming task to seek out appropriate grants and submit applications.

With this in mind, it is my opinion that a number of MM social fundraisers could be organised (approximately one per school term) that would enable mums to not only come and share some time together without their children, but also help raise funds for the running costs of the morning teas.

The money raised would assist in the production costs of the newsletters, bags and advertising materials as well as future goals of attaining resources that could be borrowed by mums such as parenting books and c.ds or pay a university student to help supervise the children on the playground and organise age appropriate activities for them.

September 18th will kick off our first social fundraiser- a Scrapbooking Ideas Night.
Other possibilities, for future events, may include a ‘word of mouth’ party, bus shopping tour etc.
I am open to suggestions!

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