Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Marvellous Mums

It was a year ago that 9 mums gathered in my lounge room for the very first Marvellous Mums morning tea. We all brought a plate of food to share and my coffee machine worked overtime-making cappuccinos and hot chocolates.
What a great memory!
Today some of the faces are the same and new ones are always welcome as we sit back and relax at the Chelsea Heights Hotel drinking coffee and eating hot chips but the focus has remained the same: connecting mums and sharing information.
By connecting you get to meet other mums, make new friends, find out about relevant events/information sessions that are available in our community and build relationships (eliminating feelings of isolation and disconnectedness).
And by sharing you have a forum for chatting about relevant parenting issues, telling “parenting” stories and swapping bargain-shopping locations, toilet training tips, meal ideas or whatever else is being discussed.
Since becoming a mother almost three years ago, I became aware of some of the overwhelming needs myself and other mums had for connectedness and being able to share our experiences in relation to the ever-changing challenges of parenting. Marvellous Mums is about knowing that we’re all in this together and that what you do is MARVELLOUS! (Even when you don’t feel like it is).
I believe that when mothers are recognised in this role and empowered, the flow on effect for their children, families and the broader community will be expediential.
Happy 1st Birthday Marvellous Mums!

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