Thursday, May 8, 2008

Marvellous Mums...what is it?

Now that you have a child, what should you do?
Playgroup?… Mother’s Group? … Music Groups? … Swimming? ….
What about a group for your child’s physical and imaginative development?
The list goes on and on.

These groups can be great BUT, what about you?

Marvellous Mums is totally focused on supporting and encouraging mums.
When mothers are empowered, the positive flow on effect for their children, families and the broader community is immeasurable.

We can all learn from each other.
Marvellous Mums connects mums of children, of differing ages, and allows them to share and learn in a very relaxed environment.

At the morning teas each mum receives:
· Helpful advice
· Information on community support networks
· An informative newsletter
· A small gift AND
· There is no cost. It’s fee to come.

Mums will leave empowered, acknowledged and encouraged.
Being a mum is hard work and sometimes we all need to get together for a coffee to connect, share, relax, recharge and have a laugh!

Marvellous Mums believe that grandparents can play a fantastic role in supporting mums too. Volunteer ‘grandparents’ have become involved in the morning teas to help mentor mums and be ‘helpers’ with the children attending.

Marvellous Mums meets at the:
Chelsea Heights Hotel – indoor playground.
Located at the start of the Frankston Freeway
(cnr Springvale Rd and Wells Rd)
Mondays (once a month) 11am-1pm

Please put these dates in your diary for 2008

· 3rd March
· 7th April
· 5th May
· 2nd June
· 7th July
· 11th August
· 8th September
· 6th October
· 3rd November
· 1st December

Why did Marvelous Mums begin?
Since becoming a mother in late 2005, I became aware of some of the overwhelming needs that many mums had for connectedness. I felt troubled by the number of mothers I knew, dealing with either postnatal depression or just coping with every-day difficulties.
In response to these issues, the first morning tea was arranged to connect some of the mothers that I had come into contact with and try to create a relaxing environment where they could come and share their ‘stories’ and leave equipped with some practical information about parenting (such as new recipe ideas for kids, where to shop to save money, how to manage a household with more organisation etc). As well this, each mum was given a little treat to take home to acknowledge the unnoticed ‘work’ she did in raising her children.

“Our community has a great range of programs and resources available, however sometimes we can get so caught up in getting through the day to day that we don’t take the time to recharge our selves. There are lots of great things out there for mums, but how do you find the time to hear about them?” I thought.

The aim of the mornings is to connect mums in the local community, equip them with information on parenting and direct them to the other community support networks available. By giving each mum an informative newsletter and small gift, they are empowered, acknowledged and encouraged as “marvellous mums”.

I want to provide support to the mums who come across my path that may be struggling, need some encouragement or just need to know they're not alone in this 'job' of raising children. We are creating a site that’s easy to use, beneficial and uplifting. I believe that by loving, empowering and inspiring mums they in turn will feel better equipped to love, empower and inspire their families to be all they were meant to be.

I live with my husband and two children.  With my two toddlers, I currently attends MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) at Kingston City Church as well as Mainly Music at Bayside Church and a Dingley community mother’s group.
Though a trained as a primary school teacher, I've made being a stay-at-home-mum my main focus for the time being.

My husband and I have been foster carers since 2004 with Oz Child Family Services and do regular respite for three sisters as well as emergency overnight and short-term placements. Aside from these experiences I have also lead on many ‘Life Gets Better’ camps as a buddy for children who have experienced death, grief or major loss in their family. In 2008, I was accepted to join the Kingston Parent Advisory Group, which provides direct feedback about the Kingston's Municipal Early Years Plan (developing programs and managing other Council activities that impact on the development of all children aged 0–12). By learning about the programs and council activities available to children, I feel better resourced to link families into appropriate parenting and support options as well as helping to foster relationships with the child and family services available in the City of Kingston.

By attending the morning teas, mums develop positive relationships and links with both individuals and groups in the community. They leave the morning tea with not only a fresh outlook on their circumstances but also a gift to make them feel special and encouraged as well as a helpful information newsletter to read later. The newsletter ensures that mums are aware of parent-related events, programs and resources available in the City of Kingston.

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